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What could be superior to traversing Gielinor adorned using fine armour, weaponry and accessories? Why, having wings of course - which are already this week’s release!

Displayed as a cape override, my butterfly wings will definitely attract attention from throughout, vibrant design combining beauty and color. If they’re a little too…delicate for ones tastes, try the skeletal wings. Indeed, no subtlety is necessary here: these savagely styled wings usually are formed from harsh, cold bone.

Those who ventured to the warzone during the Battle of Lumbridge will really be interested by the actual icyenic and Zamorak wings. Inspired by some of Saradomin's most fervent readers, icyenic wings are a stark contrast for the demonic Zamorak counterpart. Choose whichever best fits your style - or both!

All four sets of wings are offered now so please carry out visit Solomon's General Store for the closer look. If you would including more Runescape Gold, you can redeem Bonds in-game. Alternatively, you can purchase more Runescape here, or by clicking 'Runescape' inside my store.

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