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Betreff: FIFA 17 fans can seek out unique game
For a limited occasion only, FIFA 17 fans can seek out unique 'Scream Team' FUT players inside their Packs. There are 23 gamers, who were chosen since they excel in certain qualities, both in real life and inside the game.

You have one week to make your ultimate Scream Group, because from Friday October 28 until Tuesday December 1, the special players will obtain a boost that will cause them to nearly unstoppable on the particular field. After the Halloween weekend, the temporary boosts will revert time for the original Scream rank, which is still higher than their base stats.

You can find the full Scream Team FAQ on the EA website. If you want to buy FIFA points to collect all the Scream Team players, you should definitely check out our FIFA 17 Points Converter, or go straight to your PlayStation and Xbox items.

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